Do you need a lift for your ATV?

Your ATV is naturally a beast. It can run on just about any terrain on the surface of the earth – that is why it is called an All Terrain Vehicle. But then, strong as this vehicle seems to be,
there are times when it does not conquer certain terrains, especially muddy areas. That is why it is mostly used in agriculture. When the thoughts of whether to get a lift for your ATV or not from highlifter comes to your mind, consider these factors:

Are the tires rubbing the fenders?


Not only does the rubbing of the fenders by tires of your ATV generate uncomfortable noise which no oneĀ finds interesting, but it is also often a sign that your vehicle is getting old and is qualified for upgrading. However, the rubbing must be substantial, and if possible, the resulting wear should be significant enough before considering getting a lift.

Do you need more ground clearance?

Now, an ATV is supposed to help you navigate rough terrains very easily. Mounting one, you should be able to move comfortably over otherwise rocky grounds and even some deep water. But if you begin to have difficulties on plying your usual route, it could be a sign that you need to upgrade your vehicle.

In the same way, when you are dealing with extremely muddy terrain, deep snow or highly uneven grounds, you need a lift for your ATV. The bigger the tires, the better the clearance.

Are you ready to cope with low acceleration?

This is common logic. A smaller tire will rotate faster as the gear ratio in the ATV will be smaller. The reverse is the case for bigger tires, and of course, lifts. At this point, you will need to choose between acceleration and clearance. While a lift kit helps you conquer more rugged terrains, the acceleration is compromised. To improve this, however, you need to use smaller gears and of course, install a clutch.

Can you deal with an increased center of gravity?

hgfdIt is easy to want to give your ATV a lift; to turn it into a more powerful beast that can navigate various forms of uneven terrains. But this improvement is not without its shortcomings. Most noticeably, the center of gravity of your vehicle will become higher. What this means is that you will be more easily thrown off balance with an ATV that has bigger tires than the one which is otherwise.

Overall, your ATV is better off with a lift kit than without it. But before this upgrade, be sure to understand the new challenges you will be facing even though you will be enjoying a lot of