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What to check when you visit dash cam expert?

In the past, it would be tough to prove your innocence in a traffic accident. Your health insurer would promptly declare your claims invalid on the basis that you are the one who caused the accident. Of course, this conclusion was subject to the actual terms of the health insurance cover you got. Nevertheless, having a side of the story that is true yet difficult to prove was a position many dreaded in the past. These days, a dash cam can save you. It sits on your dash and acts as an all present witness. No more hassles with the traffic police and insurance agents about your innocence. You should head over to a renowned dash cam expert store now to get your fix. Here are essential bits of information that you should be looking for when interacting with the 1. dash cam expert.

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The distance of capture

As the name suggests, the dash cam sits on your dashboard. It records the surrounding of the car around the focus area of the camera. Getting a powerful camera with zoom options and panoramic views ensures that you get as much detail around the front part of the car as possible. Here, you aim for the most details that you can achieve because you are unaware of the kind of trouble that you are going to get on the road. Wide angles help with incidences involving people or things coming from the side of the car to the front.


The length of recording

Recording length depends on two things. First, there is the size of the storage on the dash cam equipment. The bigger the storage, the longer the video recording options you get. On the other hand, the quality of the video recorded affects the length. If the video is HD quality, then it will take less space than an ultra HD video. In some cases, lowering the video quality leads to as much as four times the length of video recorded. A good measure is having a whole day of video recorded.

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The design of the dash cam

Most cars have their unique style that you would not want to affect in a bad way. A dash cam that also serves as a mirror is your best option because it will give you the front mirror functionality while also fulfilling its hidden purpose of being a camera. Most dash cam experts will advise clients on the designs that would fit their vehicles well. When shopping, always ask about the available design options then choose one that you feel fits both your personality and your car’s aesthetics. You need to match the dash cam with the installation place because you will be looking at it most of the time as you drive.


Now that you are aware of what a dash cam does and what to look for when getting one, you should be confident as you make your choice. The physical size may not matter as much as the technical attributes of the camera as noted above, and how well it fits the car.