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What to check when you visit dash cam expert?

In the past, it would be tough to prove your innocence in a traffic accident. Your health insurer would promptly declare your claims invalid on the basis that you are the one who caused the accident. Of course, this conclusion was subject to the actual terms of the health insurance cover you got. Nevertheless, having a side of the story that is true yet difficult to prove was a position many dreaded in the past. These days, a dash cam can save you. It sits on your dash and acts as an all present witness. No more hassles with the traffic police and insurance agents about your innocence. You should head over to a renowned dash cam expert store now to get your fix. Here are essential bits of information that you should be looking for when interacting with the 1. dash cam expert.

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The distance of capture

As the name suggests, the dash cam sits on your dashboard. It records the surrounding of the car around the focus area of the camera. Getting a powerful camera with zoom options and panoramic views ensures that you get as much detail around the front part of the car as possible. Here, you aim for the most details that you can achieve because you are unaware of the kind of trouble that you are going to get on the road. Wide angles help with incidences involving people or things coming from the side of the car to the front.


The length of recording

Recording length depends on two things. First, there is the size of the storage on the dash cam equipment. The bigger the storage, the longer the video recording options you get. On the other hand, the quality of the video recorded affects the length. If the video is HD quality, then it will take less space than an ultra HD video. In some cases, lowering the video quality leads to as much as four times the length of video recorded. A good measure is having a whole day of video recorded.

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The design of the dash cam

Most cars have their unique style that you would not want to affect in a bad way. A dash cam that also serves as a mirror is your best option because it will give you the front mirror functionality while also fulfilling its hidden purpose of being a camera. Most dash cam experts will advise clients on the designs that would fit their vehicles well. When shopping, always ask about the available design options then choose one that you feel fits both your personality and your car’s aesthetics. You need to match the dash cam with the installation place because you will be looking at it most of the time as you drive.


Now that you are aware of what a dash cam does and what to look for when getting one, you should be confident as you make your choice. The physical size may not matter as much as the technical attributes of the camera as noted above, and how well it fits the car.


Best Tips When Buying Used BMW X5 Cars

The BMW X5 is one of the luxurious vehicles. It is categorized under the mid-sized sports activity car that is popularly known as SAV. The BMW X5 is expensive because it is one of the most luxurious vehicles. If you are looking for a car that has class, then this is the type of vehicle that you should go for. Since most people cannot buy a brand-new car, purchasing the second-hand or used BMW X5 is usually the best option for many people. It is critical that you can find a second-hand SAV car for a fraction of the price.

The first-generation BMW X5


The first-generation BMW X5 E53 refers to the vehicles that were manufactured between 1999 and 2006. This type of car is known as the crossover. It was the first four-wheel drive BMW vehicle that was launched to the market. Some of the features of this type of vehicle include the off-road engine management system, hill descent, and it is a four-wheel drive. It also has telecommunication and television systems, automotive computer system, the navigation system, radio function, and complete entertainment system. This type of vehicle is available in both automatic and manual transmission and also the diesel and petrol engine versions.

The second-generation BMW X5

The second-generation BMW X5 is popularly known as the BMW X5 E70. The BMW X5 E70 was introduced in the market in November 2006. Some of the characteristics of this vehicle are the automatic transmission, all-wheel drive system, and the torque-split. This car has an option of the three-row seats. This means that the second-generation BMW X5 has two seats more than the first-generation vehicle that has five seats only.

The third-generation BMW X5

The third-generation BMW X5 is also referred to like the BMW F15 which was launched in November 2013. This vehicle comes with an option of three engines. These engines are the 450 HP V8, a 380 HP, and the 258 HP single-turbo.



The state of the vehicle is important when buying. The condition will dictate the amount of money that you are going to use on repairs and other things like insurance. Do not purchase a vehicle in a dangerous condition because you may end up using a lot of cash in its repair. Check whether the money you use for the repair will be equal to the cash that you will spend on buying a new vehicle.


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How the Best Car Seat Covers Should Look Like

Car seat covers play an important role when it comes to protecting your seats from the various harmful situation. It could be that you want to prevent water from getting to your cushions, or you just do not want them to get stained because of mud or dust. Another reason why people install these covers is that they do not want to expose the fabrics to a lot of dirt, especially when they are not easy to clean.

Because of this, seat covers should be made in such a way that even though they offer protection, they also add value to the appearance of seats. In this case, it is good to understand the most important features of Custom Seat Covers. Instead of buying just anything that you come across, always to focus on the following factors.

Seat covers should be made from tough materials

Car seat coversTake a look at the materials and see if they are strong enough. Since their main purpose is to offer protection to the actual seat materials, you cannot expect them to be effective if they are not strong enough. If they are going to tear off with the slightest strain, you can be sure that no protection will be offered to the seats. Tough materials ensure that no matter the conditions that you go through, nothing gets to the actual materials used to make seats. There are differences in the types of materials that you are going to find in the stores and some; you should choose wisely.

Seat covers should be water resistant

For maximum protection, you should choose seats that do not allow water or moisture to trickle through. This is because if the inner cushions get damp, it will be very difficult to correct the situation. Sometimes, you never know what you will be carrying in your car. For instance, you may be transporting some fluids only for them to spill over. It will be nothing to worry about if the seats are water resistant because all that you have to do is to wipe the fluids off. It means that you also should look for covers that cover the whole seat.

Seat covers should be the right color

Which colors are you enticed with? Although the color does not determine the kind of protection that seat covers offer, it is a major consideration when it comes to the appearance of the interior of your car. You cannot just choose any color because you may end up making the interior to look funny. Go through the list of available colors and choose the one that is likely to create the perfect style for your car. If you wish to combine various colors, do so carefully to avoid messing everything up.


The best seat covers can only be found if you buy from the right supplier. From the many that supply these items, choose one that sticks high-quality covers so that you can be sure about durability.


What services do residential locksmiths offer?

Most homeowners call their residential locksmiths whenever they damage the keys and locks, or they need replacements. The majority of locksmiths are usually called when people lock themselves out of their homes. The local residential locksmith provides other services to secure your home.

Residential locksmiths

Moving to your new home

t2gw3edfc6whedc87jwed9i22If you are moving into a home that was previously owned, you will want to change the locks and ensure they are safe. Moreover, some locks can be worn out as a result of tear and wear which comes naturally. Also, some locks may have got lost, and others require repair. You should note that the locksmiths can help the homeowners to repair the damaged locks, replace door handles, and install new ones. Others also pick the resistance locks to ensure your doors are not opened easily.

Enhancing your home

Other than installation and repair services, a reputable locksmith can assist you to purchase the appropriate handle sets that match the theme of your home. They ensure that handle sets look aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, they will ensure they do not compromise the safety of your family.

Other than the doors, they can install entry gate locks if you want to have a modern security system. The specialist can add the keyless bolts and re-key master system. Routine maintenance by your company ensures that the security system you choose is effective.

Finding a lock specialist

If you want to hire a lock specialist, you just need Austin Residential Locksmith. The local technicians can do the installation of locks, repairs, and install door handles. Moreover, they can enhance the security system. The locksmith should be residing near your residence. This is necessary so that he or she can respond to your emergencies.

tgf2wedf6hwed8jwd9ki22Another reason to choose a local residential locksmith is that he or she knows the area and weather conditions well. Moreover, local locksmiths are cheaper as compared to out-of-city technicians. They can also offer you discounts. Others can provide free maintenance and checkup. Thus, you can rest be assured that your family is safe.

Before hiring a locksmith, you should check the local business bureau. It will help you get reports of past customers and whether there are complaints and the reasons why the customers were not satisfied. Moreover, you can get recommendations and contacts of the past customers. You can inquire from them about the experience they had with the local locksmith.


Do you need a lift for your ATV?

Your ATV is naturally a beast. It can run on just about any terrain on the surface of the earth – that is why it is called an All Terrain Vehicle. But then, strong as this vehicle seems to be,
there are times when it does not conquer certain terrains, especially muddy areas. That is why it is mostly used in agriculture. When the thoughts of whether to get a lift for your ATV or not from highlifter comes to your mind, consider these factors:

Are the tires rubbing the fenders?


Not only does the rubbing of the fenders by tires of your ATV generate uncomfortable noise which no one finds interesting, but it is also often a sign that your vehicle is getting old and is qualified for upgrading. However, the rubbing must be substantial, and if possible, the resulting wear should be significant enough before considering getting a lift.

Do you need more ground clearance?

Now, an ATV is supposed to help you navigate rough terrains very easily. Mounting one, you should be able to move comfortably over otherwise rocky grounds and even some deep water. But if you begin to have difficulties on plying your usual route, it could be a sign that you need to upgrade your vehicle.

In the same way, when you are dealing with extremely muddy terrain, deep snow or highly uneven grounds, you need a lift for your ATV. The bigger the tires, the better the clearance.

Are you ready to cope with low acceleration?

This is common logic. A smaller tire will rotate faster as the gear ratio in the ATV will be smaller. The reverse is the case for bigger tires, and of course, lifts. At this point, you will need to choose between acceleration and clearance. While a lift kit helps you conquer more rugged terrains, the acceleration is compromised. To improve this, however, you need to use smaller gears and of course, install a clutch.

Can you deal with an increased center of gravity?

hgfdIt is easy to want to give your ATV a lift; to turn it into a more powerful beast that can navigate various forms of uneven terrains. But this improvement is not without its shortcomings. Most noticeably, the center of gravity of your vehicle will become higher. What this means is that you will be more easily thrown off balance with an ATV that has bigger tires than the one which is otherwise.

Overall, your ATV is better off with a lift kit than without it. But before this upgrade, be sure to understand the new challenges you will be facing even though you will be enjoying a lot of


Decorating Ideas For Your Wedding Limousine

When it comes to how a limousine will be decorated on the wedding day, then the gal has so many ideas that they have put in place. But it will be best if you have some of the expert ideas that will help you out with some of the ideas that you have. If you want the limousine decoration to stand out from the rest, then you have to be sure of what you want. And having ideas that will help you through the process will be the best thing ever. Click here for A Step Above Limo Charlotte. Continue reading to get some of the decorating ideas for your wedding limousine.

Wedding theme


When you are choosing the wedding decoration, then you have to be aware of the theme. You don’t want to choose colors that will be out of place. When decorating the wedding limousine and you don’t consider the wedding theme then it will feel out of place. The colors of the flowers that you select have to be somehow the same with the ones that the bridesmaids have worn. Decorating the wedding limousine with the wedding theme is very safe because you will just have to choose something that fits the color that you already have.

Go with flowers

We have to agree that so many wedding decorations involve the flowers. When you are choosing the flowers, limit the colors that you will select. You have to be careful not to overdo with the flowers. Select two colors that are the same with the theme. Implement white in the flowers because one thing that is the best with white it’s that it will go with anything and it will look so classic. Consider the color of the limo to when you are getting the limo ask if you can get a white limo or black. A wedding does not do well with the colored limousines.

When going flowerless


Some people will not be okay with the flowers on their wedding limousines. There will go for the heart shaped and the smileys. If you want to make the day even fun, then you can just add some romantic quotes to make the day more special. The quotes can even be more of the funny quotes to make the people laugh. You can get the best quotes online and then ask the decorator to stick them on your limousine window ensure that the limousine has more of the heart shapes sizes. The heart shaped quotes will be best if they are of different colors but don’t overdo it.



What To Consider When Buying Custom Spare Parts

As we all know, no piece of machine lasts forever. Thus, when you buy a car, it is guaranteed that down the line, you will require spare parts. In addition, most car owners only budget for gasoline, insurance, and other car payments. Hardly do they talk about costly repairs and maintenance involved. However, no matter how careful you are, at one point or another, you will have to buy a spare part. Therefore, when the need for a new car part arises, ensure that you practice due diligence when making your choice.


In addition, ensure that you end up saving a lot of money by buying the right parts at the right the price. Here are a few insightful tips when looking at car parts Canada.

Make A Price Comparison

To avoid spending more money, one must determine the prevailing market rate of the car part. Conduct an online search for auto repair shops. Carry out price comparisons, which identify the right components within your affordability.

Confirm The Warranty Dates

SADSADSAWhether your purchase is online or at your local store, always check if the product you desire is accompanied by a warranty. Additionally, look into the parts if they have any factory defects or installation problems. You will be able to receive a free replacement accompanied by technical support from manufacturers.

Carry Out A Product Inspection

When buying a tire, clutch, battery, or battery car component, check it thoroughly before installation of the final purchase. In addition, be as comprehensive as you can to avoid the inconveniences of contacting the sellers again.

Consider Aftermarket Car Parts


At the dealership services, you are totally assured that you are receiving original spare parts. However, when taking your vehicle to an independent shop, the products on offer are regarded as aftermarket car parts. In fact, these are parts, which are sourced from anywhere apart from the carmaker. On a more positive note, some companies make these parts to function similarly as the original while others make them better than the original product.

Locate The Source Of Your Car Parts

Getting your money’s worth should always be paramount. Hence, your purchases must come from reliable sources. Moreover, the right purchase ensures that you get top quality products that will last for long. Buy spare parts from a source that fits your vehicle parts.

Get Information On The Parts Required

As with any other product, always ask around about products you are purchasing. It would be unfortunate if you were forced to buy the wrong car part. Thus, prior to buying, get the right information on the unique car models and makes.

How To Properly Maintain Your Vehicle

Most people who own vehicles could not wish to repair them repeatedly because it is annoying and it makes you waste a lot of money always. An unkempt vehicle can be embarrassing in the sense that, it can stop even when you are traveling to attend an important meeting. It is, therefore, necessary to maintain your vehicle to ensure that it is in good condition so that you can travel knowing that it will function well and you can drive for a long while.3456ytrgsf

How to properly maintain your car

Take your vehicle to an authorized shop

Always ensure that you take your vehicle to an authorized repair shop for maintenance. Note that vehicles are not only taken to repair shops when they are spoiled but also for preventive measures. Ensure you visit the shops monthly. The shops might keep good records of your vehicle, and their services include the changing of oil. The cards can help them to detect the problems you are likely to encounter in the future, and you can, therefore, prevent them from occurring.

Always check your car’s temperature

After checking the internal and external parts of your car, ensure that your unit reached its normal temperature before you park it. Any engine must reach its normal engine temperature to avoid wearing and tearing engine parts because the inner parts of the engine expand when it reaches a certain temperature making it run in a smooth way.


Do not stall if a repair is needed

If you notice a problem in your car, ensure that it is repaired with immediate effect. A car is a machine, and all the parts are important, if you ignore and refuse to have your car repaired, your car is likely to get serious damages. Unrepaired parts at times may break up and can fail during driving and lead to accidents. There is no part in your car that has no function, as much as it may seem of low functions example the brake lights, they are important, and if not, they would not have been put on your car.

Ensure you check your unit regularly

45657urCheckups are done externally or internally. External check-ups include observation of the perimeter of your car to see whether there is no abnormality like flat tires, oil or water leakages or damages on your cars. Regular check up should be done routinely, and one should make them his habit. Check the engine oil level and water level to avoid overheating. Internal checkups, on the other hand, is done by observing the battery, oil gauges fuel gauge and the temperature gauge. Ensure that those parts are functioning properly and in right and expected condition.

Drive carefully

When you drive your car to ensure that, the speed is as it is supposed to be. Do not over speed. Observe the road signs on your road to avoid accidents. When you hit your on objects, they might tamper with your lights for example, and this will endanger your driving. You are the first person to ensure that your car is in good condition.


Rendezvous in Rio de Janiero

Almost First at the Snipe Women’s Worlds
Madrid, Spain – September 29, 2008 – I just wrapped up the Snipe Women’s World 2008 Championship in Roquetas de Mar, Spain, where my crew, Kathleen Tocke and I finished a very close second overall. The event was four days long, with three days of sailing. We had at least one race in every condition. However the majority were in about 14-16 knots of breeze. There were nine races total with two drop races. Twentythree teams competed from Spain, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Uruguay, Poland and USA. The racing in the front of the fleet was very close and made for an exciting end to the regatta.

Our American team at the opening ceremony

Nominated for Rolex World Sailor of the Year
Roquetas de Mar, Spain – September 22 2008 – Great news! I have been nominated for the 2008 ISAF Rolex World Sailor of the Year Award. ISAF announced the nominees today and I was honored to be selected as a finalist.

Rochester Match Race Victory

Halifax, England – September 16, 2008 – It’s been a busy past couple of weeks, but I finally got back racing last week and it felt good to be at the helm again when I competed in the US Women’s Match Racing Championships in Sonars at the Rochester Yacht Club, in Rochester, NY. I had an excellent team sailing with me; Ali Church, Molly Vandemoer, and Liz Bower. We sailed a very good regatta and came out on top.

Photo: ©2008 Tim Wilkes/